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Today, a website defines and reinforces a company's image and its product and service offerings.  An attractive, customer-centric, and easy to use website can enhance the relationship between your organization and your current and prospective customers.  Our Fresno web design team produces professional web designs at an affordable price to make online marketing a successful business component for each of our clients.  BCT programmers specialize in Microsoft's platform in conjunction with SQL 2008 backend database technologies.  Our quality websites include key elements that serve as the heart of the development process:

  • Usability:  We know that your website is only effective if users can find and view the information they need quickly and simply.  That is why we put so much time into ensuring that our sites are laid out in a way that is easy to navigate and compatible with all current web browsers.
  • Visual Appeal:  Your website is an extension of your image.  We make sure that the visual layout of your site and the structure of logos and media packages enhance that image with an attractive, uniform, and memorable design.
  • Accessibility:  When we say that our websites are as user-friendly as possible, we mean for everyone - regardless of any limitations in a user's technical abilities or any physical disabilities.  All of our websites comply with the guidelines set forth in section 508 of the ADA.
  • Web Standard Compliance:  We build every site to the web standards and accessibility guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), including XHTML, CSS, AJAX, and other technologies for web applications.  Read more about the benefits your website will receive if it is built with web standards and accessibility in mind. 

Our Fresno web design team will tailor your website according to your specific vision; we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to every client's individual needs.

Take a look at our web design portfolio for examples of our work.  We have in-depth experience with all aspects of website development, including front-end design, back-end development, graphic design, testing, maintenance, compatibility, and SEO.  As one of the premier Fresno website design firms in the Central Valley, we support clients throughout America and specialize in local business website creation and design.

Few Tips for Your Website 

The effectiveness and usefulness of your website can be determined by the number of visitors and subscribers that give interest to your site. If more people follow or subscribe to your site then it means they found an interesting and valuable website. If you were on the shoes of the subscriber, you would want to learn and appreciate ways of encouraging probable clients to subscribe to your blog.  If you don’t have a blog already on your website consider setting one up or have our Fresno web design team set it up for you.

Your website should contain valuable and fresh content because your visitors will keep on coming back to your website if at least twice a week you have something new for them. Having a blog is a way to accomplish this goal. Write something you love and very familiar with wherein you can express yourself freely. Aside from that make it simple and clear.

Since people nowadays are hook on online shopping, you can write product reviews. These product reviews are great for businesses and can intensify the amount of traffic visiting your websites. Most consumers would like to see positive reviews of the product they want before purchasing it. They are usually interested in items like fashions, technology, alternative medicines, household items and many other products available. Potential online shoppers will surely visit your site if you will include more information and reviews on a certain product rather than visiting a site that has little or no information at all.

Nowadays, YouTube videos are very popular and you can post short video that will increase the curiosity and interest of your viewers. There are numerous videos available which you can share that will fit to your needs but you can always try to do your own. Take it for example; if your business is selling women’s clothing, you record videos on how you pick out your commodities or having a one-on-one interview with a local designer can be great as well as having a model wearing your apparel. These are only some ways on how you can generate traffic to your site.